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When is the right time to get a website?

Your Website Is a Branch of Your Business
December 9, 2020

A question people ask with a new or small business is often, when is it time to get a website.

The answer is “as soon as your are in business.

Regardless of how new or how small your business is, if you are in “business” you should have a professional website. It is one of the items that should be on your check list for starting your business.

At the very least your website will show customers that you are serious about your business, tell them exactly what you offer and how to get in touch with you. Websites of course can do so much more for you and you should try to utilize all the benefits of a website.

When you are in business your website helps you to get business, instead of always telling people to “find me on Facebook” or “I’ll send you details on what I offer,” you can simply direct people to your website to get all the information they need.

The cost of getting your own website has come down so drastically that not having a website now is simply a sign that you are not committed to your business. If your business does not have a website it is not because “only big companies have websites,” it is simply an indication that you don’t expect your business to be around long enough to justify the effort of having one created. Who wants to do business with a company that isn’t even confident in itself enough to commit a little time and money towards giving customers access to information about what they offer?

The reality of business today is that your online presence is the most important factor in being in business. When the majority of people want a product or a service they will open their internet browser and type in “What I am looking for.” If you cannot be found, you will have no chance in getting that business, and you wont even know.

If you are a simple, small business, selling a single product, get a simple, single page website that describes your product, displays your price and possibly offers an online purchase option.

Give me an internet connection and I will find any product or service you could want, will your business be found?

No business is to small for a website, unless you really are not that interested in doing business with people.


Think about your customers experience, consider what they have to do in order to do business with you. If you offer a service such as a repair, cleaning, delivery, or any service, how do they find out information and details about what you offer? Do they have to try scroll through dozens of posts on your Facebook page? Call you and ask about what exactly you can offer them? Send you an email and wait for a response?

If you sell products, how can a customer see what you have for sale and find out more information? Must they again scroll through endless posts on your Facebook page and wonder what you actually have available now? Phone you and get you to list off the products you have and the details of the products? email you and ask you to send them photos and descriptions of what you are selling?

For both of those it is inconvenient, time consuming and overall just difficult. If something is difficult people will not pursue it, you lose the customer.

Every additional step that a customer has to take to find out about your products and services is another drop off point for customers. If a customer must phone and then email and then reply to the email and then follow it up with another phone call, at each of those stages you will lose customers. If a customer can go to your website, see everything you offer and make a purchase. You will retain many more that you otherwise would have.