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Your Website Is a Branch of Your Business

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December 8, 2020
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December 11, 2020

A website is not some magical entity that you simply get and then it just magically generates you business or sales. It is exactly the same as opening a new branch of your business.

There is a setup cost and a maintenance cost, this will get your website up and running, the same as renting office space and setting up your new branch, just much cheaper!

Once you have your website live, you then have to get to advertising it and generating leads to it. Just as you would employ sales reps to generate sales in an office, you will need to have an advertising budget for your website. Your advertising will consist of activities such as Facebook and Google advertising as well as other advertising options relevant to your industry.

If you do not advertise your website, it is the same as opening a new showroom hidden out in the wilderness, you may get a sale or two from adventurous wonderers, but not enough to make your website (your online business), worthwhile.

You can have a lot of automation setup in your website, but there are some tasks that you will have to manually do, such as adding products, writing articles, and advertising it.

If you do not keep your website up to date that would be the same as never maintaining or restocking your office / sales floor, it quickly becomes rather useless to visitors.

If you have a professional website, setup correctly, it will be your hardest working sales rep and your most organized assistant. It can generate sales 24 hours a day, it will never take leave or not show up, it can manage invoicing and inventory, as well as reminding customers to make payments. It can keep in touch with previous customers and encourage additional sales, all with very little input from you. If setup correctly.

Websites can be hugely beneficial and a profitable addition to a business, both big and small, but if they are not utilized properly, managed and maintained, it is the same as purchasing an amazing range of products and then hiding them away in a store room where nobody can see them.

A website that is setup correctly includes more features than just displaying information. These features will depend on your business.

If you are in the service industry, your website can offer information, allow customers to book appointments with you, remind them of their appointments, let them fill out quote request forms, send customers invoices and let them make payments online, and any other features relevant to your business.

If you are in the retail business, your website can list all your products, give your customers all the information they need on the products, allow them to make online purchases and place orders, see similar and related products to what they are purchasing, make payments as well as anything else related to sales such as partial payments, and managing their accounts with your company.

In addition to industry specific features your website can help you build up a newsletter subscriber list, offer loyalty rewards to customers and overall keep in touch and grow your customer base.

The maintenance costs of a website are very very low compared to opening a new physical branch, and it can generate more sales than a physical branch, which means it can earn you more money. It is definitely worthwhile investing in getting a properly setup and functional website for your business regardless of the size of your business.

If you are a home based business and you sew clothes, how awesome would it be to get your website setup, products added, newsletter automated, and specify your advertising budget and then simply focus on sewing clothes while your website takes care of your sales, accounts and the majority of your customers needs?

If you are a home based cleaning company, how great would it be to have your website setup, your advertising budget specified, your bookings specified on your website and every day you receive an email from your website with the bookings for the day. Payments already made by customers and while you are out working, your website is busy finding you more bookings.

That is more along the lines of what your website should be doing, it shouldn’t just be a website that tells people to phone or email you, it should work for you!