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What Is an Online Business?

Your Website Is a Branch of Your Business
December 9, 2020
January 2, 2021

Everyone knows what a business is, and a lot of people think they know what an “online” business is.

The problem is that even most of the people who think they know what and online business is, still do not treat it as a business.

We all understand that a business is not a single action, task, or product, a business is made up of a combination of skills and products. When you take your business online, it still has to be managed and operated just as you would with an offline business.

When you sell products and services having a website can be hugely beneficial, but not on its own. A website alone is not an online business. If you simply get a website and then expect it will drive sales up, you will quickly find it does not, not on its own anyway.

If you open a shop in your back garden, it doesn’t matter how awesome you make it look, nobody will come if you don’t tell them it is there. It is the same with a website, once you have it, you have to tell everyone about it. This is done through advertising.

How to turn your website into an online business:

Once you have a website, you now have your shop space so to speak. From there you need to add your products and services and make sure you keep them up to date, just as you would restock and rearrange your products in an offline business.

You then need to advertise and promote your website, you can do this through Facebook, Google and other advertising platforms. You also need to have your website optimized for search engines (SEO). This involves including relevant information that search engines use to categorize websites.

Next you need to have your website setup to cater to customers, this can be done through adding features such as, a newsletter to inform customers about updates as well as send them any relevant reminders about the products they purchased.

For example if they purchase something that needs replacing after a certain amount of time, your website can automatically email them after a specified amount of time. You can also have your website email them with product offerings that compliment the product or service they purchased.

If you follow those steps you will have a website that is always up to date, is being advertised on relevant platforms, and stays in contact with customers. All together now your website is becoming an online business.

Your online shop can keep track of inventory, it can invoice customers and collect payments as well as send payment reminders and statements, so it can handle the job of stores clerk, accountant, sales rep and marketer, all with very little interaction from you.

Or you could use it as a flyer for you company by not adding all the extra functionality that makes websites so useful.

You don’t have to do everything yourself, but it has to be done if you want to turn a non performing website into a profitable online business.