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How pricing works

Quoting for a website is best done on an individual bases because its not often that two websites are the same, there are a lot of design and feature options that can go into a website and if you were to choose a pre-made package you would find it either has more features than you need and you pay more than you could have, or you find it is lacking in features you need and then you end up paying more for additional work.

These prices are simply guidelines so that you have a rough figure to work with, but only after finding out what you would like to have your site do for you can we put together a final quote.

Design Price Guidelines

The main difference between the packages is the amount of work that goes into the design and functionality of the site, while a personal site is not considered to have as many pages and sections as a company site, and a company site wouldn't necessarily have as much functionality as an online shop.

All of our websites are also designed with expansion in mind, so as you grow you can add any functionality you need. You can start off with a very simple personal blog and then in the future decide you would like to add an online shop to it, that can be done.

If you would like to find out more about growing your site and ideas for sites have a look at our blog and sign up for our newsletter, we are regularly posting informative articles and ideas that you are welcome to.

Hosting Prices

The additional costs to your website are the hosting and domain registration. These can be paid for yearly and the costs are:

R550 per year for hosting

R99 per year for domain